Line Up Options

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The Essex Blues Brothers Can Perform As 4 Different Line-ups.

1) 2-MAN PLAYBACK (Live Jake & Elwood with Pre-recorded backing tracks)

2) 5-PIECE PART LIVE BAND (Live Jake & Elwood, Live Guitar,

Live Trumpet and Live Sax, Pre-recorded Drums, Bass & Keyboards).

3) 6-PIECE FULL LIVE BAND (Live Jake & Elwood, Live Guitar, Live Bass, Live Drums, Live Keyboards) Brass parts played on keyboards - No Backing Tracks.

4) FULL 8-PIECE FULL LIVE BAND (Jake & Elwood, Guitar, Trumpet, Sax, Keyboards, Drums & Bass - ALL LIVE)

PLEASE NOTE - THE MUSICIANS IN OUR 5, 6 & 8 PIECE LINE-UPS ACTUALLY PLAY LIVE. We do not believe in charging you more money just to have musicians standing on stage PRETENDING to play their instruments! The vast majority of acts do this, however, we believe if you are paying for live musicians, then you should be getting live musicians, and the great “live sound “ that comes with it - not just the same pre-recorded backing track.

(Rant Over)